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Buying a Manual Pallet Jack

There are a few things to think about when you are about to buy a manual pallet jack to your company.

Manual pallet jack size

The first thing to consider before a buy is the size of the pallet jack. By size we mean things like the length, height and width of the forks. Are they of sufficient length to lift your pallets? And at the same time they have to be small enough to fit in your pallets.

It is also important to make sure that the pallet jack can handle enough weight to lift your pallets. There are often compromising’s to be made between size and weight capabilities.

You also have to make sure that they could lift your pallets high enough.

Other important thing to consider before buying a manual pallet jack

Does the pallet jack need a hand break? Sometimes it could be important to be able to break very fast to avoid driving into something valuable.

Does the pallet jack need to have “quick lift”? Quick lift is when the pallet jack only needs a few strokes to reach max. height.

There are manual pallet jacks with built in scales. That is something that can be very helpful in some business.

There is also the material to be considered before a buy. If you aren’t transporting chemicals or using your pallet jack in a environment that can hurt the pallet jack you could probably choose any material. But sometimes it can be important with a galvanized or stainless pallet jack.