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Custom plastic pallets

Custom plastic pallets are more and more common as prices are getting lower and their good properties are getting better.

You will probably not benefit especially much if you are a really small company, then ordinary pallets will be good enough. But if you are a big company or growing allot you could definitely benefit allot from custom plastic pallets.

You could probably also benefit if you got a custom made delivery system or a lot of goods in "uncommon" sizes.

Designing custom made plastic pallets

Custom plastic pallets could be designed to meet your requirements on weight load, ergonomics, palletizers and conveyor systems.

Plastic pallets are often very good in the food industry since you can customize them with flat surfaces so they are easy to wash. Most plastic materials can also withstand steam.

Could custom made plastic pallets be cheap?

There are several companies out there that can design custom plastic pallets for you. Thanks to the wide variety of manufacturers you could often get quite good prices if you are willing to spend some time looking around.

Finding manufacturers

Most companies that makes custom made plastic pallets are available on the Internet and takes free request for quote. It could sometimes be hard to find them especially if it's only a small part of their business but many manufactures advertise on line.

Other advantages with custom plastic pallets

* Resistant to most fluids like oil (not all plastics), water and some acids.
* Plastic pallets are lightweights compared to their strength.
* Easy to get smooth surfaces on plastic pallets.
* Easy to customize them to be stackable.