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EU- or EUR pallets (EuroPallets)

EU pallets or EuroPallets are the most used pallet dimension in Europe. It is 800 x 1200 mm (31.50'' x 47.25'') and specified in UIC 435-2. It is one of the six dimensions that are recognized by ISO (ISO 6780). All EuroPallets must be mark with “EUR” and may only be built by companies licensed by EPAL or USEPAL.

Shipping goods to Europe

If you want to ship goods to Europe your costumers probably want you to ship the goods on EuroPallets. That is because many warehouses in Europe are built for standard EuroPallets. If you ship your goods on other dimensioned pallets they may have to repackage your goods onto EuroPallets and therefore increase the cost for your costumers. Some countries in Europe charge a small fee for non standard pallets. Another benefit for Europeans is that they can sell the used EuroPallets for about $6 - $12 if they are in good condition.

EU pallets advantages and disadvantages

If you want to send EuroPallets you must consider that they cost up to twice as much as other wooden pallets ($10 - $20 compared to $5 - $10). EuroPallets also weight more and are a little bit higher then other pallets. They are also smaller then most pallets and it could therefore be hard to fit everything onto them.

The advantages are that EuroPallets are of better quality then many other pallets. Therefore EuroPallets are stronger, stiffer and more durable.

Used EU pallets

You can easily find used EuroPallets that has been used to ship goods from Europe to the United States. It may be something to consider as it could save you a lot of money.