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Euro Pallets

As mentioned before (in EU- or EUR pallets, EuroPallets) the Euro Pallet is widely used in Europe. The Euro Pallet is a wooden pallet that where developed by two Swedish companies by the end of 1940’s. The Euro Pallet is sometimes also called a CEN pallet. To manufacture Euro Pallets you have to be sanctioned by EPAL.
The pallet is easily recognized by the marking of EUR somewhere on it.

Euro Pallets in the industries

If you are doing business in or with Europe you are likely to come in contact with the Euro Pallet as it’s almost standard within Europe. But recently the Euro Pallet has been getting some competition from cheaper pallets made from composites.

Euro Pallets dimensions

The Euro Pallet comes in a few different sizes. The four most used sizes are called “Pallet EUR”, “Pallet EUR 2”, “Pallet EUR 3” and “Pallet EUR 6”

The most common size is the “Pallet EUR” its 800 x 1200mm. It’s sometimes called a “whole pallet”.
The “Pallet EUR 2” is 1200 x 1000mm.
The “Pallet EUR 3” is 1000 x 1200mm.
The “Pallet EUR 6” is 800 x 600mm. It´s sometimes called a “half pallet”.

Used EU pallets

You can easily find used EuroPallets that has been used to ship goods from Europe to the United States. It may be something to consider as it could save you a lot of money.