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Where can I get hold of free pallets?

Someone asked us if and where they could get some free pallets. They were looking for wooden pallets to build a cheap play house for their kids on their garden.

It is generally quite hard to get hold of free pallets as they could be sold to companies that repair them and resell them again. But there are a few ways to get some free pallets, at least smaller amounts.

Free pallets from small companies

You could go around your local businesses and ask for pallets. Small shops usually get some of their products on wooden pallets and throw them away instead of selling them. As it is too much work for businesses with only a small amount of pallets to sell them, it is much easier to throw them away or give them away.

You could go to most kind of small businesses and ask for free pallets. Businesses like pet stores, small hardware stores and small grocery stores usually works. You probably wonít have as much luck with larger industries, building sites, larger shops or other businesses that receives several pallets a day.

Free pallets in unusual sizes and materials

Some pallets are made in unusual sizes or of poor quality wood. Since repair companies donít buy those kinds of pallets they are usually thrown away. So if you arenít too picky with the wood quality or the size of the pallets there should be several places for you to get some free pallets.

You could try engineering workshop and car repair shops as they can get large parts like pumps and engines on unusual sized pallets. You could also try small companies that imports products from other parts of the world as those products are often delivered with pallets of that countryís standard size.

Free pallets from ads

You could look in your local newspaper for ads from people that give away their pallets. It could be someone that have made some repairs on their house and got some pallets that they are trying to get rid of. If you come and pick them up they donít have to worry about throwing them away. You could also look for ads on internet sites like