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Where can I find heavy duty plastic pallets?

I need some heavy duty plastic pallets, preferable used ones to get away cheaper. Do you know where I can find it?

You will probably not be able to find any used heavy duty plastic pallets. Heavy duty plastic pallets are relatively expensive and those companies that use them often buys them back from their costumers.
But if you aren't in a hurry sometimes smaller companies get one or two that they don't need. But since they only got one or two they will likely only throw them away and not sell them. Therefor you'll have to call or email to different companies and say that you are interested in heavy duty plastic pallets if they ever get any. Or you could post an ad in your local newspaper or on the Internet.

if you are interested in buying new heavy duty plastic pallets you should probably check with more than one company before you order any. Since they isn't as common as other kind of pallets you could save a few $ by looking around.

Searching the Internet for "heavy duty plastic pallets" should get you to some companies. Some times these companies won't be in the top of the search results so you will probably find allot more if you go trough several pages in the search results. You could also look for advertising from the companies.