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There are plenty of things to think about if you are planning on using pallets to transport your products. On these pages you will find short information about the various types of pallets that is available in the US and rest of the world.

The most commonly used pallet are made out of wood and work for most type of products. It is when you got special transport needs like hygiene demands or when you want something that weight as little as possible that it become interesting to look at pallets from other materials like plastic or metal. There are also pallets made from other material like paper.

There are more things than pallet material you should think about. There are several hundreds of different dimensions on pallets. Pallets could also vary in functionality. Like if you want forklifts to be able to pick the pallet up from all four directions or if you only need it to get the pallet from 2 directions.

If you are in need of several pallets you could custom order pallets that suits your needs. There are special computer programs that can help you with that. If you only need a small amount of pallets you could take a look at the used pallets market. Used pallets can save you a lot of money and are often in good quality.

If your business are located in Europe or if you are going to ship products to or from Europe you will probably get in touch with EU pallets or EuroPallets as they are also called. There are also special pallets for those that work or trade with Asia.