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Paper pallets

Paper pallets include pallets made out of solid fiberboard, molded pulp, in honeycomb pattern or corrugated paper. Paper pallets represents only about 1% of the shipping market compared to around 90% for wooden pallets. The main reason for that is due to a higher manufacturing price on paper pallets compared to wooden pallets.

Paper pallets advantages:

* Paper pallets are lightweight compared to wooden pallets (about 3 times).
* Paper pallets are bug free and meet the IPPC requirements for international transports.
* Paper pallets have a smooth surface: no splinters or nails.
* Paper pallets are easily recyclable.

Paper pallets disadvantages:

* Paper pallets are more expensive to manufacture compared to wooden pallets.
* Paper pallets don’t protect your products as well as wooden pallets.
* Paper pallets are susceptible to moisture compared to plastic and metal pallets.
* Paper pallets lack stiffness compared to most other pallet materials.

Paper pallets: Should you use it?

Paper pallets are good if you are shipping your products by planes. You can get a paper pallet that weight approximately one third of a wooden pallet but still got the equivalent strength. That could save you a lot of money if you are shipping by air.

If you aren’t shipping your pallets large distances you should consider buying wooden pallets instead. Wooden pallets are cheaper to buy compared to paper pallets.