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Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets increase in popularity every year but are still far from as popular as wooden pallets. 90% of all pallets used in the United States are made from wood compared to 2% made from plastic. Plastic pallets are often made out of HDPE, PP or PVC.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of wooden pallets we will compare the pros and cons of plastic pallets compared to wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets advantages:

* Plastic pallets are more durable then wooden pallets.
* Plastic pallets are very clean and easy to clean.
* Plastic pallets are more resistant to weather.
* Plastic pallets don’t contain bugs as wooden pallets potentially do.
* Plastic pallets doesn't weight as much as wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets disadvantages:

* Plastic pallets are more expensive then wooden pallets.
* Plastic pallets have less friction then wooden pallets.
* Plastic pallets have low stiffness.
* Plastic pallets are difficult to repair.

Buying plastic pallets

When you have decided to use plastic pallets you need to decide on if you want to use standard dimensions (cheaper) or if you want custom made.

But you also have to keep in mind that the standard size plastic pallets differ some when it comes to stiffness’ and strength. You should check several different companies before you decide to buy your plastic pallets.

If you want custom made plastic pallets you could read around on different manufactures homepages and invite tenders for the plastic pallets you need.

Since plastic pallets are designed to last more than one trip you could buy used plastic pallets and therefore save a few dollars. Read this page for more information: Used pallets