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Sell your used pallets

There are several companies that will buy your old used pallets. Those companies are particularly interested in wooden pallets. That is because they are by far the most common kind of pallet, there also quite easy to repair.

Selling your used wooden pallets

You have a few options to choose from if you want to sell of your old wooden pallets. The first option is to take contact with a company that buys and sell used pallets. Those companies will often buy your pallets even if they are broken. But you will get lesser money for them in those cases.

Some of those companies are willing to come out to you and pick up the pallets, while other companies want you to come and drop them off. If you only have a few pallets its probably better if you deliver them to the company, as you will get better paid in those cases. But if you have a larger amount of pallets you may even get the company to come and pick up the pallets for free.

There are several of these companies located throughout the world. Use a phone book or a search engine to find one that is located close to you.

Selling your used wooden pallets to other people

You could also sell your used pallets to other people. There are plenty of classified ads from people looking for used wooden pallets. The pallets are used for everything from sending materials to building things with, often called pallet crafts.

If you sell your pallets to other people, either by classifieds from them or if you put out an classified about selling your used pallets, you will probably get more money than if you sell them to specialized companies.

But on the downside it will probably take a lot longer to sell of your pallets.