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Used pallets

There are several companies that restore wooden pallets and sell them again. Buying used pallets could often save you a lot of money as used wooden pallets often cost only about half of what new wooden pallets cost.

Used wooden pallets

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Wooden pallets are often designed to survive only 1 - 2 shipping’s before they break. But most wooden pallets can be repaired and used again.

Used plastic pallets

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Plastic pallets are designed to survive far more transports before they break. But plastic pallets can rarely be repaired once they have braked.

Used metal pallets

Metal pallets are designed to survive several transports before they break. Although you have to make sure that they don't rust. There are metal pallets that are made from metals that don’t rust.

Where to buy used pallets

As mentioned above: there are several companies that repair and sell wooden pallets and you could probably find a company close to where you live if you look through your phone book. You could also search for companies using a search engine.

Used plastic and metal pallets are a little rarer. The best thing is to use a search engine to look for companies that sells used plastic and metal pallets.