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Who buys used pallets?

I want to sell my used pallets but I don't know where to find any one who would buy them. I don't want to advertise about them, I only wants to know where to find buyers for them.

If your pallets are in good condition you shouldn't have any problems selling them. Try calling some local companies that you know are either transporting goods or selling goods. Selling used pallets to companies that will use them to transport the gods they sells only works if it's a small company. Larger companies will use new pallets, or at least not bother with buying a few used pallets at a time.

You could often find people near by who wants used pallets, try looking for ads in the newspaper or on the Internet.

If you got the pallets from a company that sold you something and transported it to you on the pallets you could check with them, sometimes they are interested in buying their old pallets back. Again it's often easier with smaller companies.