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I have a bunch of pallets that I got when ordering building material for my house. Do I have to throw them away or is there any one who could have any use for my old pallets? Or could I even sell them?

It depends on what kind of pallets you got. If your pallets are made of paper or soft wood you probably wont be able to sell them same if you got pallets that are in non-standard dimensions.

But if you have pallets in real wood, plastic or even metal there shouldn't be any problem to get rid of them and make a little money. Some pallets, EUR pallets for example, are always easy to get rid of. Try talking to a local transport company.

If you are in no hurry to get rid of the pallets you could always place an ad in your local news paper or on the Internet. Or you could try to call some local (small) company and you shouldn't have any problems with getting rid of your pallets.

There are also often companies that are looking for used pallets trough ad's, keep your eyes open!