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Wooden pallets advantages and disadvantages

There are a lot of advantages to wooden pallets but also some disadvantages. You could read about them in the two lists available below. If you want to know other information about wooden pallets you could read this article: Wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets advantages:

* Wooden pallets are cheap compared to plastic and metal pallets.
* Wooden pallets are recyclable and made from renewable resources.
* Wooden pallets have high friction compared to plastic and metal pallets.
* Wooden pallets are very strong and stiff in relation to their cost.
* Wooden pallets can easily be repaired if damaged.

Wooden pallets disadvantages:

* Wooden pallets can contain invasive species of insects and plant diseases and have to be treated in order to be shipped internationally.
* Wooden pallets can get moldy if they are exposed to moisture.
* Wooden pallets can be hard to keep clean.
* Wooden pallets can contain splinters


Wooden pallets are very cost effective and are probably a good choice in most cases. You should look at alternatives when you are looking for a specific property like low weight or cleanliness.