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Wooden pallets skids

A wooden skid is basically a pallet without a bottom deck. Wooden skids are sometimes also called platforms

The skids are often used as permanent foundation for machinery, with the advantage of being mobile at the same time. Wooden skids donít have to be permanent foundations; they could also be used as a cheap version of wooden pallet when transporting machinery and equipment from a manufacturer.

Buying wooden pallets skids

It is often quite easy to get very cheap or even free wooden skids as they are often thrown away after being used for transporting goods. Unlike the more expensive (and better) wooden pallet. Asking at construction sites could often get you free wooden skids.

If you are in need of a special size of wooden skids or a larger amount of skids it is better to order skids from a company. Since wooden skids are a kind of wooden pallet but with simpler construction, itís often much cheaper.

Try to get quotes from a couple of skid manufactures and you should be able to get a good price.